Join us and cheer every tackle, try, ruck, maul and scrum from the Six Nations Rugby 2020 at The Hammer & Pincers.

Will Wales be able to win the Six Nations for the second year in a row? Or can the might of Eddie Jones' England overthrow them? Watch all the action live and in HD!

The tournament starts on 1st February with holders Wales vs Italy and we’re kicking things off with a grand slam drinks offer!

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WATCH LIVE RUGBY AT The Hammer & Pincers

Join us to cheer every tackle, try, ruck and scrum from this seasons Rugby Union, Rugby League and the 6 Nations on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC and ITV — we’ll be showing every moment live and in HD!

Don’t miss a minute of the action, make sure you book your table early.

UPCOMING RUGBY AT The Hammer & Pincers

Round 1

Wales Vs Italy - 14:15 - Saturday 1st February 2020

Ireland Vs Scotland - 16:45 - Saturday 1st February 2020

France Vs England - 15:00 - Sunday 2nd February 2020

Round 2

Ireland Vs Wales - 14:15 - Saturday 8th February 2020

Scotland Vs England - 16:45 - Saturday 8th February 2020

France Vs Italy - 15:00 - Sunday 9th February 2020

Round 3

Italy Vs Scotland - 14:15 - Saturday 22nd February 2020

Wales Vs France - 16:45 - Saturday 22nd February 2020

England Vs Ireland - 15:00 - Sunday 23rd February 2020

Round 4

Ireland Vs Italy - 14:15 - Saturday 7th March 2020

England Vs Wales - 16:45 - Saturday 7th March 2020

Scotland Vs France - 15:00 - Sunday 8th March 2020

Round 5

Wales Vs Scotland - 14:15 - Saturday 14th March 2020

Italy Vs England - 16:45 - Saturday 14th March 2020

France Vs Ireland - 20:00 - Saturday 14th March 2020